As part of the work developed throughout (and after) SPSAS Amazonia, the participants set up Working Groups on key issues for the region. The proposal is that these groups will continue to meet until the beginning of 2023 and propose science-based solutions to problems encountered in the region.

See below the themes of the Working Groups:

Group 1 – Does it make sense to continue building hydroelectric dams in the Brazilian Amazon?

Group 2 – How can the urban diversity of the Amazon be inserted in the global agendas for sustainability?

Group 3 – Zero deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon by 2030: is it possible?

Group 4 – Transdisciplinary science and the connection of different worldviews.

Group 5 – Increase in the use of pesticides in the Amazon Basin.

Group 6 – Mercury contamination in Pan-Amazonian indigenous communities and proposals for action from the Munduruku indigenous experience (Rio Tapajós, Pará, Brazil).

Group 7 – Strengthening the local perspective on drought mitigation and adaptation in the Amazon Basin.

Group 8 – Inclusion and permanence of indigenous students in universities, focusing on suggestions for the Amazonas State University (Brazil).

Group 9 – Strengthening of community initiatives in Amazonia as a tool to face the uncertainties of climate change.

Group 10 – The relationship between land rights and environmental conservation, focusing on the demarcation and recognition of indigenous and quilombo communities lands in Brazil, Ecuador and Suriname.