21Nov to 05Dec 2022

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Hotel Fonte Colina Verde, São Pedro/SP

The São Paulo Schools of Advanced Science, funded by FAPESP, have already brought together hundreds of students and researchers from different countries. Each SPSAS offers short courses in advanced science and technology topics, contributing to the training of participants. The professors at SPSAS are researchers of high visibility worldwide, evidenced by elements such as the receipt of high-level scientific awards, publications of recognized impact by the community in the area and leadership in internationally renowned organizations.

Our Goal

The objective of the SPSAS AMAZONIA is to provide young post-doctoral fellows (and final year doctoral students) with a multi and interdisciplinary vision, based on science and valuing indigenous and traditional knowledge, of the main problems that have historically impeded sustainable development, conservation, and social inclusion in the Amazon Biome. It also aims to discuss the existing alternatives to these fronts and jointly build with early career scientists, new proposals to solve these problems.

Topics & Program

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science Sustainable and Inclusive AMAZONIA is structured in 3 main Modules:

  • Module 1 – The Amazon territory and its sustainability;
  • Module 2 – Amazonians as protagonists of biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation;
  • Module 3 – The Amazon and its inhabitants in harmony with its environment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Photo: Nareeta Martin

Who can Apply

SPSAS Amazon is for early career researchers that have earned his/her PhD from 2015 onward. Exceptionally PhD candidates (graduate students, currently registered in the last year of their Doctoral/PhD courses), can also be accepted. We encourage applications from students from different academic disciplines (natural, social, and human sciences, engineering, communication) provided their academic work and study is related to the themes of the school and related topics.

To promote the diversity of the School’s participants, equity in ethnic and gender representation will also be considered.

NEW Deadline for applications: August, 31th – 12:00 (GTM-03)


More than 30 renowned researchers in the field from 5 different countries will be the speakers on The São Paulo School of Advanced Science Sustainable and Inclusive AMAZONIA.